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Brincadeira appears in 2004 during some percussion meetings arranged in Ciutadella’s park. Along its 14 years of experience, Brincadeira undergoes an evolution: it goes from a batucada group to a percussion company that fuses corporal expression with musicality, creating melodies through the movement.


Because of this fusion, Brincadeira got the opportunity to be part of big productions with Brodas Bros Company, Salvador Niebla, Hansel Cereza, etc.

In 2015 reaches its peak, becoming endorser of MEINL and the collaboration of BAART, two important firms of musical industry.


Across the years, and throughout its trips and connexions with the show business, the company has acquired the tools for being able to offer dynamic and visual workshops suitable for everybody.


"Workshops are created for those who want to meet Brincadera more closely".


- Edison Aguilar

Grabación video promoción La Torreta Montmeló (2019) 

Left to right: David Méndez, Anna Forcada, Mireia Manuel, Carla Fernández, Carlota del Campo, Jorehl Torres, Ferran Samper (Workshops responsible) y Xavier Pintado.